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Masterpact MTZ

Air Circuit Breaker

Take the lead in power uptime and energy efficiency with the NEW Masterpact MTZ air circuit breaker. Building on the legendary performance, reliability and safety of the Masterpact range, the Masterpact MTZ circuit breaker is Future Ready.

Masterpact MTZ incorporates the latest digital technologies:

  • Stay connected remotely through smartphone notifications, and locally through the Masterpact MTZ app for secure wireless diagnostics and maintenance (Bluetooth and NFC connection).

  • Improve precision and save energy via built-in Class 1 power metering and instant views of power consumption.

  • Upgrade and customize effortlessly with downloadable digital modules for advanced functions.

  • Ensure reliability even in harsh environments with improved mechanical and electrical performance.

  • Enhance productivity with easy installation using established architectures, embedded Class 1 power metering, and Ethernet connection.

  • Integrate seamlessly with any building and energy management system through Schneider Electric Smart Panel architecture.

  • Guarantee sustainability through environmental compliancy across all European and international energy efficiency regulations.

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Connectivity ready

Control and maintain more safely and securely locally using your smartphone through the Bluetooth and NFC-connected Masterpact MTZ app.

Using the app, help to prevent failures and secure continuity of operation by accessing directly on your smartphone:

  • Reminders and tools for faster and easier monitoring and control
  • Incident alerts to stay fail-safe
  • Step-by-step guides to restore power easily and safely in the event of a trip
Connectivity ready


Precision ready

Circuit Breaker with
Class 1 power metering

Third-Party Certified as
per IEC 61557-12

Complies with latest
international standards
ISO 50001 and IEC 60364-8

  • Optimize active power and energy management with the first air circuit breaker with an embedded Class 1 Power meter
  • Access new energy saving capabilities and achieve energy efficiency: usage analysis and optimization, cost allocation, assessment of energy usage trends, and more
  • Comply with latest energy performance standards and regulations


Upgrade ready

  • Customize your Masterpact MTZ circuit breaker with digital modules and implement new, advanced functions: protection, measurement, diagnosis, maintenance and more

  • Get digital modules 24/7 from the GoDigital web store

  • Upload digital modules in Micrologic X via USB anytime without interrupting power and protection


Environment ready

Excellent mechanical and electrical performance.

Withstands the highest levels in electrical and harsh environmental constraints:

  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Electromagnetic disturbances
  • Vibrations and shocks
  • Corrosive and chemical ambiance
  • High and low temperatures


Installation ready

  • Easily retrofit from Masterpact NT/NW breakers to MTZ breakers thanks to the identical performance, power connection, breaking capacity, thermal properties, and footprint

  • Integrate seamlessly thanks to embedded Ethernet connection, Class 1 power metering, and simplified Micrologic X range

  • Configure and order with MyPact software

  • Commission and maintain with Ecoreach software

  • Customize and upgrade with digital modules available from GoDigital web store


Integration ready

Seamlessly integrate Masterpact MTZ circuit breakers within the Smart Panels architecture:

  • Embedded Ethernet connection
  • Embedded Class 1 power meter
  • Monitor and control remotely using any supervision system to carry out proactive maintenance and asset/energy management

  • Simplify commissioning and maintenance with Ecoreach software

Integration ready


Sustainability ready

Total control over the environmental impact of equipment

Compliant with all European and international regulations and Green Premium label (ReACH, RoHS, Product Environmental Profile, End of Life Instructions)

Adapted for all

The Masterpact MTZ circuit breakers comes in 3 different sizes, allowing you to find the perfect solution to your requirements.

Masterpact MTZ2 from 800 to 4000A Masterpact MTZ3 from 4000 to 6300A Masterpact MTZ1 from 630 to 1600A

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